Private Charters

Come Book your charter flights with us! Our Director of Sales, Jane Theberge, is waiting to speak with you and put together your perfect charter flight – either on board our nine passenger, Air-Conditioned and Radar-Equipped Piper Chieftain aircraft or for a dedicated cargo flight aboard our Super Beech 18 special purpose freighters.

The Piper Chieftain has earned a reputation world-wide as reliable passenger aircraft with a good range and a cruise speed of up to 200 MPH, waiting to whisk you and your friends or family on to your destination in twin engine safety and comfort.

Our Beechcraft ‘Super 18’ Cargo aircraft have proven to be the backbone of reliability – so important to ensure the on-time and dependable movement of your cargo, whether it be general goods, perishables or outsized boxes, our Beechcrafts get the job done efficiently and reliably. We know how important your cargo is to you and your business, and our multi plane fleet ensures there is always an aircraft to get the job done – on-time and on-cost.

Remember – at Aztec Airways, it’s our experience that makes the difference in customer satisfaction!

Bahamas Charter Flights Piper Chieftain

Can I bring my pet(s) to the Bahamas?

Single Parents with Children under the age of 18 must have notarized letter from the child’s other parent, if they are being taken out of the country.
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Catering with suggested menu: We use Silver Catering Service.

How to pay for your charter: MC/Visa/Discover. NO AMEX: Check accepted for deposit to reserve the flight, another one week ahead of the charter to clear before departure/ or cash the day of the flight with a credit card on reserve.

Call Jane at (954) 351-9313 with any questions about your Charter Flight.

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